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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Eat Watermelon

2011 May 9
Posted by heroinzhu

Walking in the street, the sweat profusely, to a frozen watermelon, or a cup of bright-coloured watermelon juice, ask me who can resist?

Actually, if you understand university.hense word, can use “path medical feed homologous”, enjoy this succulent food and drugs.

I had a patient Miss Zhou this aspect of the test:

She consciously thirsty downpayment is hot and dry, add shopping appetite after, so she sweat “prescription”, with watermelon and make lunch, prepare added moisture and heat. About two hours after food, really effective.

However, for all her not expected clearing effect.

What happened? Suddenly, and early Miss Zhou menstrual quantity more water, frighten her car into the emergency room hurriedly called.

Really need to eat watermelon purging fire, heat is strong and real hot. Real ReZhe generally sound great, jealous, have tone. Instead, such as a ReZhe Miss Zhou of virtual, easy tired, dizziness, unfavorable excessive eating watermelon.

Immodesty to eat many see dizzy be stuffy, may contain a ginger relief.

The body is not very strong and want to borrow watermelon, usable cui clothing suits to good, lotus, supplement for the main ingredient, I YiMi etc, born lentils, and get a bowl of clear heat purging fire soup.Such as poor, can convert cooked spleen and strengthen Chinese sorghum, dried spleen effect.

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